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A financial service for using life insurance today™

For millions of people who are living with a serious illness such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s or AIDS, the high cost of medical care can quickly deplete essential resources. The same is true for many people over the age of 75 who have complicating health factors. Just putting money aside for basic expenses such as groceries and mortgage payments can be a challenge. LIBI gives people a place to turn for additional resources. Through a financial service called a viatical settlement, we enable people to sell their current life insurance policies for a percentage of the total face value. The money people receive may be used for any purpose and, in most cases, is free of federal income tax obligations.

LIBI can help open the door to new possibilities—such as fewer financial worries, new options for medical care and additional resources to share with family and friends.

All of us have our own sense of what’s important, whether it’s reaching a long-held goal, spending time with family and friends or enjoying the simple pleasures of each day.

What sets Life Insurance Buyers, Inc. apart?

People place their trust and confidence in LIBI for many reasons—the financial strength and stability of our company, the experience and commitment of the owners, the range and quality of our services, and the leadership and integrity of our organization. These are the qualities that set LIBI apart as the industry’s top broker. LIBI has helped convert millions in policies into accessible funds for hundreds of individuals in need. In every relationship, we take the time to learn what’s most important to our clients and to provide them with the resources they need, in a timely and confidential manner.

People who put clients’ needs first

We truly understand that people place their trust in us every day—to treat them fairly, to deliver what we promise and to be there when they need us. Our mission is to live up to those expectations every time, without exception. That commitment is demonstrated through our professionalism and compassion. For individuals who are considering a viatical settlement, we provide a voice of understanding and serve as a trusted resource for help and information.

Leadership that makes a difference

At LIBI, we operate with the highest ethical standards, carefully protecting the interests of our clients. To us, that means maintaining strict client confidentiality, offering fair payment for policies and encouraging effective regulation of our industry. We work closely with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners as well as federal and state governments to promote meaningful regulation of viatical settlements. LIBI works with numerous not-for profit organizations across the country to help educate and inform the community about this important financial resource.

What’s important?

Choosing a company you trust. At Life Insurance Buyers, Inc., working directly with the owners is what makes a difference to our clients and set us apart as the nation’s leading broker of viatical settlements. We encourage you to find out more about how we can help you or someone you know.

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