Looking for a Viatical Settlement or Life Settlement Broker?

Consider that experience truly matters.

Life Insurance Buyers, Inc. (LIBI) is a brokerage firm representing multiple viatical settlement and life settlement buyers.

Started in 1995, the company is owned and operated by Greg and Lisa Albers. When you call, it is Greg and Lisa who you will talk to and work with from the beginning.

Because Greg has been involved in the life insurance industry for over 35 years, LIBI has been able to establish and maintain good working relationships with our funding providers. That is important to you because that's what helps ensure professional transactions and competitive purchase offers for you.

All policies are submitted only to institutionally funded and licensed life settlement providers. We don't believe any individual should own another person's life insurance policy so you can rest assured we don't handle viatical settlements that way. Our role is to establish consistent business practices, including support of individual state licensing and NAIC recommended procedures.

CPAs, Attorneys, Financial Advisors, and Insurance Professionals have realized that there is a fiduciary responsibility to present this unique option to their clients.

LIBI does not recommend investing in the purchasing side of settlements. Competing with sophisticated institutional investment funds is difficult and should be handled using a professional licensed broker.

Greg Albers, 

LIBI President & CEO
Greg Albers, LIBI President & CEO

Greg Albers is the founder and president of Life Insurance Buyers, Inc. Since 1995, he has worked solely in the viatical and life settlement industry.

Greg began his career in 1971 as an insurance agent, operating his own independent agency for many years giving him knowledge of life insurance that is unparalleled in the industry. He has personally been involved in the underwriting of life insurance policies with a total face value of nearly one billion dollars making him a leader in the industry.

Not only is he a leader, Greg was the first person licensed in the state of Kansas to do viaticaI settlements and is recognized as an expert on viaticaI and life settlements. Greg has testified before the Kansas State legislature and legislative committees on industry-related issues. He is a strong proponent and advocate for protecting the rights of the insured.

Contact Greg directly at (913) 642-7201 or at gregalbers@lifeinsurancebuyers.com.

Lisa Albers, LIBI Case Manager
Lisa Albers, LIBI Case Manager

Lisa Albers is the Case Manager for Life Insurance Buyers, Inc. She is responsible overseeing the day-to-day administration for our clients.

Lisa spent over 15 years in the corporate sector, working for both global and national companies in Human Resources. Prior to making the move to work alongside her husband at LIBI, she worked in her parish community serving as the Parish Secretary and Parish Life Coordinator,, where she enjoyed the fruits of helping others, as well as, the opportunity to share her corporate skills.

Lisa's attention to detail and her passion to serve others is a hallmark to our business.

Life Insurance Buyers, Inc. is committed to serving our clients with integrity and respect, and to always work with a sense of urgency.

Contact Lisa directly at (913) 642-7201 or at lisaalbers@lifeinsurancebuyers.com.