Viatical Settlement Client Testimonial

When you are put in a situation where you don’t know whether you’re going or coming and have to relive a life altering situation, God suddenly opens a door of provision...

Hello, I am Tess.  I met Lisa at Life Insurance Buyers (LIBI)

last November 2017, thru Truth About Cancer Conference.  My cancer reoccurred in September 2017, and I knew it would be a challenge financially because my body does not respond well with conventional treatment (chemo, radiation, surgery).  My first diagnosis was in 2014 and my first treatment of chemo almost killed me.  I was in the ICU for 12 days bleeding to death, doctors were actually waiting for me to die.  It turned out I was allergic to chemo; by sheer miracle, I survived it. My husband took me to Arizona to get integrated treatment, but it cost us everything we had financially, and a reoccurrence would mean the same thing. The only thing we had left was a life insurance policy (term) which I doubted anyone would buy, then Lisa and Greg came along... wonderful people! We call them angels unaware. They treated us with so much love and respect and concern, we never felt it was a business transaction. They are very concise, knowledgeable and thorough. Everything was handled with so much professionalism! They were able to get us the money we needed to get my much-needed treatment in a very short time, and the most wonderful gift is we now have such wonderful friends. I highly recommend you check this company out if you have any life insurance to help you with your health situation!

Tess Garcia, term life insurance ownerLancaster, CA